commission for refusetofall (let me know if incorrect link)

commission for refusetofall (let me know if incorrect link)

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third commission for jeikugryphon

third commission for jeikugryphon

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And so begins an experimental foray into the realm of wage-produced art!

Hello everyone, I’m here to tell you that commissions are finally open! But before we delve into pricing and slot reservation, let me tell you a couple things about how this is going to happen that you probably aren’t familiar with.

The way I have set up payments is that so you are not paying for the product, you are paying for the work itself! What this means for you, as a potential client, is this:

  • Individual works will vary drastically in quality depending on the complexity of the work. I.E. simple pieces, like busts, are more almost guaranteed to be colored and better rendered than panoramic environments.
  • You are given more control over the art process. If you decide you want a spontaneous painting with no underlying linework, that’s fine. If you decide you want to sacrifice color in favor of finer lines, I can do that too. If you want me to use a particular medium, sure. You paid for the time.
  • Perhaps more interestingly, multiple people can pool in for a single piece! Suppose you decided you wanted a painting of some expansive fantasy environment, but only had $10 to your name. This would only net you an hour’s worth of work and would likely end in a sketch. If you decide to go public with this particular commission and someone enjoys it enough, they can contribute their own money to continue the process. As a result, your environment is crowd-funded to completion!

I understand that time is sort of a hard thing to account for — what’s keeping me from just sketching something and wasting time on other things? Rest assured that I am actually spending more time on your piece than just an hour, as the composition planning is not included in the time I am charging you for.

With that out of the way! RATES AND INFORMATION!

  • Use my submit box or contact me via email: (also my PayPal address).
  • Minimum payment is $10 for an hour. (PayPal only)
  • Smaller increments of time past an hour are given the same rate, at $2.50 for every additional 15 minutes.
  • Include any relevant references and written descriptions of what you’d like drawn or continued.
  • Blank or vague descriptions may result in some very experimental artwork, so if you don’t want that to happen, please be specific.
  • Do not send me money until I have discussed and affirmed your commission!
  • I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason before payment is exchanged.

For more examples of art and animations, please check out the following:

[Art Tag] [Sketch Tag][Animations][Cockroach Comics]

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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second commission, for mimisosa

second commission, for mimisosa

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first commission, for underface

with and without visual effects, for those who are sensitive to color shift

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to be honest lately when i look at artwork i just see pictures, and i dont feel anything…

to be honest lately when i look at artwork i just see pictures, and i dont feel anything…

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note to those who contacted me, i’ll be in touch when i start on your order, might take a few days or more since I have a few to get through now so I appreciate your patience!

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I am rusty and need some money so I’m doing a special commission roulette. Message me and for 3$ (sent to paypal: ) i will draw whatever you like. The amount of time and quality might vary from fast to detailed depending on how in the swing of things I get, and tips are welcome if you like what you get, but the base price is 3$. No matter how it goes, I will make sure you get your money’s worth.

Understand that for this reduced price I will exercise my right to choose composition/poses/level of detail etc as I go. This offer is open as long as this post is up on my tumblr, though the price may go up.

If you are interested, drop me an ask or reply to this post. If i’m streaming you can request/communicate with me that way too. Why not?

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some fast rough stuff because i haven’t drawn in months

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